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colored Brutis so far, might go back to other things now before doing Carrie, so have this for now <3

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This shits just ridiculous. Probably the worst torture in the history of torture.


So basically it’s a torture device, where a person is put into a room with slow moving sand-paper at the bottom. There is no way out.

The person has to walk forward to keep from getting send to the corner and scraped.

Eventually after days of walking, the person will get tired and won’t be able to anymore.

What happens next, is pretty gruesome and self-explanatory. 


please no

I´m a writer I whisper as I secretly find this extremely fascinating

holy shit that’s horrific

I think the only point in time in life where these would be life saving…..

It got better

x torture x neat x

I really miss drawing on my tablet
however it causes me so much trouble and stress to get any of it working it’s just not worth it


Don’t leave your house at night, when the jellyfishes comes out…

Done in photoshop and SAI

Wallpaper version | 

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Dragon daddy who loves his baby.


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Guess what I’m reading for the millionth time I’ll give you a hint it starts with “interview” and ends with arson and child death


Part numero uno of nzutin's commission.

I hope you like it! ;c; ❤


And part two of nzutin's commission done.

Enjoy! ☆

Forgot to mention:
Seraffo © Ubisoft


i keep thinking i can draw cats

and then i keep not  being able to draw cats


oh well, happy 16th birthday, nzunzu! eat lots of canadian cake uwu


Basically one of the million Trades I still have on my hands to finish is done which is nothing but a good sight as it means the rest will follow, hopefully, shortly. 

This one here is for Nzu and we had planned on doing a Design Trade in which I was supposed to basically create a little blind boy and go crazy about the rest and so that was just what I did. Ahah. I hope it’s not too crazy though but the idea wouldn’t leave me alone after I sketched this guy in crayons at first with the cap with the eye. I thought it could be an interesting third eye theory C:

I put some comments on there just to fill the blank spaces that had no picture and also left the clothes unshaded so the details would be seen better while I shaded the skin exactly for the same reason since it gave away the form better and I think that is about it C: HOPE YOU LIKE IT! <3

You can see her amazing cute part here.

Edit: I just totally noticed those shoes came out huge…Hope that is alright. Welp.